Believer of beavers

Typing beaver into a thesaurus search engine returns some surprising results. Yet the synonyms it provides actively define the people of Canada and the relevance of the beaver as a national symbol becomes apparent.

North America, Canada, Alberta, Waterton Lakes National Park.  Beaver collecting willows.

North America, Canada, Alberta, Waterton Lakes National Park. Beaver collecting willows.


Hard at work

The bucktoothed, aquatic rodents are known for their hard-working, busy and dedicated nature, They build dams for their families, are fiercely protective, are loyal, and care for each other, just like the citizens of Canada themselves, who are known for being prosperous, generous, hard-working but also loving.

Canada is highly regarded for it’s natural environment, and the myriad of lakes, streams and rivers which cover large parts of the nation explains why the beaver populations are so extensive. The wetland environments rely upon the activities of beaver populations to regulate the flow of water and help to filter toxins and pollutants out of the waterways.

Not only are beavers a prime representation of the natural environment which Canadians appreciate they have also played an important historical role. The North American fur trade throughout the 17th century was instrumental in Canada being viewed on the world stage as an economic player and allowed ties to be built with colonies in Europe.

Whilst the beaver appears to adequately represent Canada and its people, it does have a downfall. Occasionally their dams may cause flooding and endangers crops in farming land.

But despite this minor downfall Canadians continue to be believers of the beaver because the good far outweighs the bad. As tourists and travellers to Canada we too should be beaver believers for the way it represents the people, encompasses history and doesn’t discount the natural environment. #beaverbelievers




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